The aspect of life breaks your whole life into several important components that helps you to develop & focus on your goals. It enables you to judge which component is most important to follow in your life in other words life aspect makes you understand what to achieve in your life.
The most common life aspects are as follows:

1. Family: Family is top priority in everyone’s importance list, the emotional core or mode of strength. It can be your real family or with whom you got raised or those with whom you spent the large proportion of your life. The family aspect includes relationships as well as romance & friendship.
2. Career: it the most important aspect of life, career aspect is equally important for the businessman, professional or even the housewives. It comes after the family in the top importance list. The aspect includes the development in career front, satisfaction in job or whatever you do & growth desire.
3. Finance: fortunately or unfortunately it’s the money that keeps everything & everyone running. And we all need it all the time. It brings the comfort, satisfaction, happiness in life. The finance aspect includes making your life fruitful with money but not at the cost of others.
4. Health & well being: it the utmost important to survive in the life. Diet, exercise, quitting bad habits is few things that everyone should apply & keep applying in your life. It enables you to fulfil all other goals of your life.
5. Recreation: if career in important aspect, so as recreation. Having fun, taking holidays, doing something as hobbies counter balances the load of career paths. You can’t work all the time. You need to add all the flavours into your life.
6. Personal: it is different from health, family or career. This aspect talks about your inner self. You should have time & care for yourself as well. It talks about personal growth & development. Keep updating yourself as it’s you who are most important you yourself.
7. Friendship: the most important emotional backing outside your home are friends, neighbours. They are very important to you, so take care of them so that they can take care of you.
8. Community: You cannot survive alone; you need people to talk to, to take help from them. In other words you need to live in community. And most importantly if you want to get help from anybody you should be ready to give help as well.
9. Household: it is your home that welcomes you in the best way. You cannot ignore it. You have to make it bigger better place to live.
10. Spiritual: it is the peace of mind that is require when you have to face all the problems of life. You should have faith in powers of god, which you worship in any form.

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