For several citizens, summer means excitement in the sun. The children are out of school, adults
are going on vacations. It’s a moment for outside activities like riding bikes and much more. Staying
strong during the summer requires more than just drinking water and having the good food.

Tips to stay healthy during the summer:

To stay healthy during the summer, there are some precautions and measures to be observed.

What a great season that was allowing us to enjoy the sun and the outdoors! It should however be
careful to stay healthy during the summer. Here are some suggestions.

Protecting your skin from the sun: Young children and people are with very fair skin will benefit
from using a sunscreen with an SPF of 50 to 60%. To stay healthy during the summer, protect your
skin is a must. After swimming, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen for your new. Whether it’s a
lotion, gel, cream or milk to spray, make sure you choose a product with SPF of at least 30% to filter
UVA and UVB rays.

The importance of good hydration: During the summer, as we sweat more, the skin often needs to
be hydrated to stay healthy during the summer. Plan to bring with you a liter of water wherever
you go. It is recommended to drink between 1.5 liters to 2 liters of water each day, especially during
the warmer days. If the taste of plain water does not intrigue you, you can add a few slices of lime
or lemon, few drops of fruit syrup (strawberry, raspberry, orange, for example) to get you to drink

Do not take unnecessary risks: An alarming number of serious accidents of all kinds occur in the
summer: drowning, heat stroke, sports injuries, and incidents of the road. During your vacation,
keep caution is another good way to stay healthy during the summer. In any sport, participants must
ensure quality and safety of the equipment they use.

Self-control is always in good experience: You’ll get some invitations to feast during the summer
where alcohol and various foods will be offered in abundance. To stay healthy during the summer,
show control. You will digest it better and can you drive without worries.

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