With the changing world everything around us is changing rapidly. Now people have option of working from home even. But it’s hard to make an office into your home effectively.

Here are few points that will set up your home office to reflect the kind of work you do elegantly:
1. Start with the decision regarding the selection of designated workspace area in your home.
And try to avoid bedrooms and drawing rooms. Try to take minimum space to restrict the
office work mess into your home.
2. Another asset to have is good set of computer table and a comfortable chair. This is to add
comfort while you are working.
3. You should select a corner that has ample light to protect your eyes. Create a L-shape in
terms of your desk, cabinets and counters. It helps in saving space and also looks very
4. Shelves and a good file cabinet should be set up behind your chair within your easy reach.
Now take note of list of equipments you will require in your space – printer, fax, scanner, PC
etc – then set up counters to hold all.
5. To get the aesthetic look try to buy the pieces in the same colour- pick preferably wooden of
MDF based furniture.
6. Also place few items like an interesting pen stand, a clock or even a coffee mug to give it a
true office feel.
7. Since this is your home also try to mix in the decor by making the use of cushions and
curtains that goes with the decor in the rest of dining or living room area.
8. In order to maintain the charm or your home & feel of your office together try to keep the
wires hidden. You can call an electrician to put the wires through hidden panels.
9. Since you’ll have to maintain papers & files, buy some good storage for all your files and
important documents.
10. Also buy a paper shredder & dust bin to do away with unwanted paper.

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